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Japan Quality Strength cultivated since 1960
Steady manufacturing attitude and solid technical capability

We have established ourselves as a “specialized manufacturer of automotive filter elements” based on our stable production technology, and have earned high satisfaction and trust not only in Japan but also overseas. We handle all manufacturing processes from molding, assembly, and quality inspection at our own domestic factories, and producing high quality and excellent cost performance products.


Various lineup and stable quality

We are producing filters for a wide range of car models from the past 60 years to current car models.
Our top priority is to create customer-trusted products, and we handle all of the manufacturing processes with carefully controlled quality at our own factories in Japan. We strive to ensure stable quality with our quality risk management.

“Made in Japan” quality & continuously chosen technology

Ultimately, human handicraft makes high-quality filter production possible.
The oil filter element (filter paper) is folded into pleats, and its roll is to collect sludge and metal pieces in engine oil.
The width of this pleats may be folded uneven during assembly process, and we organize quality check on every single item to prevent it. Our highly experienced staff are carefully inspecting the uneven folds to be even. By keeping the elements evenly folded, the strength against pressure from outside.

Recommended by Japan Automotive Products Association (JAPA)

Our oil filters, air filters, fuel filters and air conditioner filters have been recommended as reliable and excellent quality parts under ‘Recommended Automotive Parts Certification System’ in Japan.

ISO 9001 Certified

Our factories conduct full inspections and ensure reliable quality by prevention and early detection of quality risks.
We have acquired ISO 9001 and carry out through quality control for further improvement in customer satisfaction.
We will continue to strive to provide better service and solid comfort for our customers.

Global Supply System

With a firm grasp of overseas demand, we widely distribute our products not only in Japan but also in more than 30 countries in cooperation with our reliable partners.
We take pride in providing the highest quality to the world.


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March 1960
Osamu Matsumoto
Manufacturing and Selling Various Filter Elements for Automobiles
Manufacturing and Selling Filter Elements for Industrial Machinery
Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation (Jyuso branch)
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Main Clients

We introduce our main clients of our products (Oil filter, Air filter, Fuel filter, Air-conditioner filter)
※In random order. If you wish to purchase our products, please contact the following sales companies directly.

Oil filter

Remove impurities from circulating oil inside the engine.

Oil filters are one of the automotive parts, also called oil elements.
Worn engine metal powder, carbon from incomplete combustion, dust in the air, sludge from high-temperature oxidation of oil, and other contaminants in the oil may cause wear down cylinders and pistons, causing overheating and power reduction.
Oil filter plays an important role in removing these impurities and supplying clean oil engine.
Oil filter

Product Introduction

Full-flow type

It is the most common filtration method used in current gasoline-powered vehicles. The filter material is set to provide the necessary hydraulic pressure for the engine and filter out hazardous sludge to engine wear efficiently.

Bypass type

Comes in two kinds of filters, a full-flow type and a bypass type. The bypass type is designed to remove carbonaceous dirt and fine particles that cannot be caught by the full flow type, so the filter media is very fine grained. For that, the bypass type is designed to filter gradually using less oil than the full-flow type. It is mainly used in diesel engine vehicles.

Combination type

This filter combines two kinds of filters (full-flow type + bypass type) into one filter.
Although the internal structure is more complex, the number of diesel engine vehicles have a tendency to increase because this filter can save space.

Install a filter that fits your car.

There are many types of filters available. Use the one that is appropriate for your car model, year, and type. It can't be used if the internal structure or screw size is different even though the external shape looks similar. Also, forcibly installing a gasket with the wrong shape or dimensions can cause problems.

Oil filter


Filter cleans air from the impurities to maximize engine performance.

For the engine`s proper work large volume of air is required. At the same time air contains a number of foreign particles such as sand dust, silica, aluminum oxide, magnesium oxide, etc.
Air filter holds the important function which is to clean the air from foreign substances and prevent them from entering inside the engine.

Product Introduction

Micro filter paper is characterized by high cleaning efficiency and high dust capture rate. The multi-layered structure of the filter paper provides a variety of characteristics.

Dry type

The filters which remove dust and dirt by dry filtering material are called “dried type”. There are two variations of such filters: one stops foreign substances at the filtering paper surface; and another – made of a non-woven material – cleans air by different thickness fibers in order to provide three-dimensional filtration. The non-woven type is mainly used by Toyota, Mitsubishi, and Mazda, and is made of fabric layers with the different density. The filtration proceeds between the layers.

Viscous type

The filters in which the cleaning material is soaked in special liquid or oil and the wet layers absorb dust and dirt are called the viscous type filters. In the viscous type, a special adhesive is applied to the filter paper which take sponge-like shape when dust is absorbed. This technology also allows to extend filters` service period.



Removes impurities and maximizes fuel consumption efficiency.

For the most efficient combustion of the air-fuel mixture in the cylinders, it is necessary to remove any foreign substances or moisture that may be mixed or generated in the fuel.
Fuel filter plays this role.
In order to improve engine performance and fuel consumption efficiency, as well as to minimize harmful components in the exhaust gases, it is necessary to replace fuel filter according with regular maintenance schedule.

Product Introduction

MICRO’s fuel filtering paper filtrates objects accurately.Aluminum cold forged body is adopted for the water resist.

Excellent Aluminum cold forging

The Fuel Filter removes moisture and dirt contained in the fuel.
Separated moisture causes “Rust” to occur inside the Fuel Filter’s body.
In the worst case scenario, this may lead to complaints about body cracks.
In order to solve these problems, we used Aluminum Material (A6061) for the body, and after much trial and error, we have now completed the New Fuel Filter.
The characteristics of this body include weight reduction and added value for recycling.
We will deliver it to our customers with confidence.

High-precision filter paper used

Fuel filtrating system is like followings. Fuel comes from a neat pipe to larger space in the filter,
so the flow gets slow, and some sand, iron powder, dirt, moisture, those objects heavier than fuel get stuck in the filter. That’s why fuel filter eventually get clogged. In order to enhance the life of fuel filter, filtrate area is designed large to deduce filter’s damage and clogging risk.
For filtrating objects like particles, fuel filter especially requires accurate filter paper.

Fuel Filter

Cabin Filter

Air Conditioner filter for Vehicle
MICRO Air Conditioner filter makes your car comfortable
The mechanism of
3 layers filter
3 Adopts a filter media arrangement that maximizes the characteristics of three types of filter media
By using a low-pressure-loss electret nonwoven fabric,
we have made it possible to use the electret nonwoven fabric, which is conventionally used for the third layer, as the first layer.
As a result, we are now able to take full advantage of the function (viral inactivation) of the high-performance zeolite nonwoven fabric (Cellgaia) adopted in the second layer against fine particles such as viruses caught in the first layer.
1st layer
Accurately captures fine particles such as viruses
Electrostatic non-woven fabric
Special technology creates electric fields inside and outside, demonstrating low pressure loss and high collection performance.
2nd layer
Demonstrates deodorizing and antiviral functions
High-performance Zeolite non-woven fiber
This is a non-woven fabric which is made from high quality fiber that crystallizing Zeolite minerals within cellulose fibers using Rengo’s proprietary technology.
Copper is ion-exchanged with high-performance non-woven fabric to bring out Deodorizes and antibacterial.
What’s more it is quite safety material for human body.
Rengo・Cellgaia ™ is the product developed by Rengo Co., Ltd.
Zeolite W Plus・Zeolite Plus are the products equipped with Cellgaia .
What is Cellgaia?
3rd layer
Support for entire filter
Dust-proof non-woven fabric
It catches dust and pollen and maintains the strength of the entire filter.
Deodorant coat PRO [ODOCUT SPRAY]
(Zeolite W plus comes with ODOCUT SPRAY)
Coding directly to the cooler unit.
To bring out antibacterial and deodorization effects from inside the air conditioner.
It can be effective excellent antibacterial
Zeolite W plus
(Zeolite W plus comes with ODOCUT SPRAY)
Zeolite plus